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Our extensive experience allow us to accomplish absolutely any type of project, regardless of its complexity and size!
<a href="" class="link-disable">ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION</a>
We can install any new electrical item in your home/business. Need new shiny, energy-efficient LED lights, new appliances, or generator in your home? We can do the job promptly and on budget. Energolectric guarantees that your electrical project is done professionally, on time and up to code. We can install energy efficient lights, new ceiling/attic/exhaust fans, automatic standby and manual generators, outlets, switches, hot tubs, landscape lighting, and everything in between. We can do new wiring from the panel of your existing home, as well as do a completely new construction wire of your new home. The bigger the project, the more fun.
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<a href="" class="link-disable">ELECTRICAL REMODELING</a>
You bought a new house, and would like to install a TV in your living room, but there are no outlets near that location. Or, you would like to remodel the bathroom and put new lights with dimmable switches. Or perhaps, your new office is great but needs more light and you are unsure which lights are most appropriate, the right specs, etc. Energolectric can serve as that trusted advisor when it comes to electrical remodeling. Remodeling is major part of what we do on daily basis. Call us for your next project.
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<a href="" class="link-disable">ELECTRICAL REPLACEMENT</a>
Just like any equipment maintenance, electrical things around the house must be properly maintained. As demand for electricity around the house increases, there may be a need for new wiring or replacing the existing one. We do re-wiring and replacing old equipment with new. Most often this entails replacing old appliances with newer, state-of-the art technology, replacing old, inefficient incandescent lights with new LED, energy saving equipment. Wiring can also get old, which necessitates replacement. Maintaining your home/business electrical system not only for energy consumption, but safety of the occupants. The Electrical Code changes periodically and this requires replacing old installation with new, up-to-regulation one.
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<a href="" class="link-disable">Electrical Repair </a>
If you have an electrical problem, we will do a site visit to diagnose and provide qualified assessment and solutions options. With over 20 years of experience, we provide the best, safest, and most cost-effective approach to fixing a problem. We can troubleshoot flickering lights, malfunctioning outlets, lights not turning on, circuit breakers that constantly trip, switches and outlets that are warmer, and many more. Schedule an appointment now!
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<a href="" class="link-disable">PANEL UPGRADES</a>
Modern technologies nowadays require more electrical power. We can upgrade your panel, add breakers to an existing one, or install a sub-panel. Older homes’ electrical systems can’t always cope with the increasing demand for more electricity. Panel upgrade (or Heavy Up) means increasing the amperage coming into your house, so that your electrical system can receive and handle an increased load. Common indicators for a heavy up include flickering lights; frequent circuit breakers shut off; older style service panel with fuses instead of circuit breakers; building an addition, garage or anything else that will increase home’s square footage; major remodeling; adding a service which is a major power draw. Typical heavy up is one in which an older house needs to be upgraded from 100 or 150 amp to 200 amp, which is the standard now.
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<a href="" class="link-disable">Consulting and Design</a>
Throughout the years in the electrical trade, we’ve completed hundreds of residential and commercial projects and know a thing or two about beautiful looking homes, offices and spaces. We have a keen eye for electrical design, and can help you pick the right lights, install them at the right place, position them in the right angle, as well as choosing the right vendors and sub-contractors.  We understand how vital it is to coordinate the project in a timely, cost-efficient way, but we also know how critical it is that the job is done aesthetically. We are happy to help with the design phase of your electrical project. As of now we’ve already dealt with numerous small, mid and large scale constructions, so we’ve mastered the art of electrical design, and we work side by side with our clients to help them choose the best equipment. 
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